But I’m really not sure. This seems to be working just fine. Just fine, that’s all. I don’t like it some days when the dust men don’t come. It doesn’t seem to make sense why they would leave the trash like that, just lying there for all to see. I mean, they put so much effort into cleaning up the leaves in the park, but the leaves in the park are such beautiful things. I hear it’s a maintenance thing – if they leave the leaves there, then it degrades the tarmac and things. And that is exactly why on earth they spend all of that time and money cleaning up the leaves. Those beautiful leaves. It really gives me a feeling of fall when I’m walking through those leaves, that soft crunchy feeling under my feet. I can ‘t do much with myself these days, I can’t walk very fast or far at all, but goddamn it I can still walk and it’s a small pleasure to be able to walk on the leaves in the park once in every while. I have to be careful to catch the leaves before they get cleaned up. If I leave before 9am on some days I can do it, but sometimes even then it’s a little too late. Sometimes they’re already gone. Of course, they don’t clean up every day, so after they’ve been cleaned up it gets a little more cluttered day by day. Yes. 9am. If I go earlier than that then I get caught up in all of the teenagers going to school, and that’s not very nice at all. They aren’t very friendly, some of those people. Some of them are friendly, but some of them don’t seem to be very nice at all. I won’t talk about that now because I tend to get a bit upset.


About Sharpie Panick

I’m a burgeoning writer – actually been burgeoning for a couple of weeks now – grappling with my failing English vocabulary and using my impressive naivety as a source of perspective. Follow my progress and please give me advice if anything comes to mind.
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